Blog of Calvina Fay, Deputy Board Member representing North America
Calvina is the executive director of Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. and Save Our Society From Drugs (S.O.S.). Professor Fay has been an outspoken advocate against the legalization of drugs for over 20 years and is considered a pioneering expert on workplace drug abuse prevention programs. She has authored several books, as well as numerous newsletters and publications. Professor Fay has served as an advisor to the Whitehouse’s Office of National Drug Control Policy on drug policy issues. Read more about Calvina Fay here.
By now most of the world is aware of the tragic and senseless death of Whitney Houston.  While the cause of her death has not yet been definitively determined, available evidence certainly points to drugs and alcohol as likely contributors.

These tragic deaths are occurring daily across the country due to drug and alcohol abuse but, most people are not aware of these tragedies unless it involves a famous celebrity or a loved one.  When it is a loved one, the drug epidemic suddenly becomes “personally relevant”.

Substance abuse is relevant to all of us even if it is not directly affecting our loved ones.  We and our family members are on the highways, in workplaces, and in schools where safety is compromised by drug users.  Our healthcare costs and other public health expenses are spiraling out of control and much of this cost is due to the ever-expanding numbers of individuals who are harmed by drug abuse.

People around the world must become committed to saving the lives of people like Whitney, including those in our families with no public fame.  We must make it our goal to prevent any more of our young people from ever experiencing first-time drug use!  Bill O’Reilly got it right on his television show when he said “Once children enter the world of intoxication, their childhood is over.  They are never the same.”  We, as a global community, must endeavor to prevent drug use from occurring with our children.

Calvina Fay
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