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Mr. Peterson has been the Head of the social section at the Maria Clinic for young people in Stockholm, Director of HNN, and the European Cities Against Drugs. He has written numerous articles about drugs, and hosted and spoken at several national and international conferences on money laundering, organized crime, motorcycle gangs, research on drugs, prevention and treatment. TP was a member of the Swedish Government’s delegation to UNGASS in New York in 1998 and a trainer in the “Drug Trafficking Module” for the EU applicant countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Read more about Torgny Peterson here.
Maybe some people in the city of Denver have been in contact with reality and have realized that symphony orchestra pot concerts, financed by pot bu$ine$$ interests, are definitely a weird thing. According to local media the city of Denver is urging the Colorado Symphony to cancel its upcoming pot concerts.In a letter to the symphony the city writes, "If you go forward, we [the city] will exercise any and all options available to the City of Denver to halt the event and hold the business owners, event organizers responsible for any violations of law. We are also ready to hold individual attendees responsible for any violations of City ordinances or state law prohibiting public consumption of marijuana."
Tunisia's tough law on cannabis use, laying down jail terms of at least one year, is "destroying lives" and overcrowding prisons, according to a group of activists urging reform. It obviously never occurred to them that cannabis is "destroying lives"
The growhouse for George Soros and his Karl Popper-based ideas on open society, the London School of Economics, has issued a new report about ending the "drug war". It is nothing new, just the same old pro-drug stuff, presented earlier by the self-appointed global commission on drugs.
Here are some of the pro-drug arguments promoted by the growhouse where they pay tribute to the legalization of pot in Colorado and Washington:

A Seattle-based company that makes a botanical extractor that turns raw cannabis into a substance that can be infused into food and beverages, has unveiled a food truck it claims is the world's first pot-infused mobile eatery. This is the latest addition to the pot industry´s efforts to drug the American people.
LA weekly reports that weed delivery services are the latest craze in L.A. Although delivery services were banned outright last year under Proposition D, more than 100 of these mobile pot shops — plus a handful of storefronts — will bring cannabis, concentrates and edibles to your doorstep, LA weekly reports.
California is a nice place to be if you are an orange or a pothead.

Potorado pot bu$ine$$e$ are obviously trying to make their bu$ine$$ look cultural by sponsoring a series of concerts with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The pot concerts will start May 23 with three bring-your-own marijuana events. "We see ourselves as connecting classical music with all of Colorado," said CSO executive director Jerry Kern, quoted by local media. "Part of our goal is to bring in a younger audience and a more diverse audience, and I would suggest that the patrons of the cannabis industry are both younger and more diverse than the patrons of the symphony orchestra." The hullaballo will take place at the Space Gallery which will give potheads the opportunity to get high on marijuana, music and art. Gourmet food and wine and beer, will be available for $75 a person. The gallery will have a smoking lounge on its enclosed patio, and the shows are open to those 21 and older. Innovation? No, mental and cultural stagnation.
Grant Hall, a spokesman for legal highs lobby group Star Trust, says about 200 people were likely to be forced out of work by a law change affecting the synthetic drugs industry. Excellent! Maybe they could then start working with something that would benefit the citizens instead of destroying them.
Potheads and snake oil seekers will make a pilgrimage to Potorado to get high. Other tourists might prefer other destinations. There is no lack of facilities prepared to receive potheads in Potorado, and as summer is around the corner you should look for signs saying Bud and Breakfast where you´ll get just that – Bud and breakfast. Enjoy your stay and return home laughing all the way without really knowing where you have been and what you have done – the essence of being a pothead.
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has said that he would veto any legislation legalizing even the medicinal use of the plant. According to Corbett, changes in drug laws should be taken care of at the federal level. Corbett is right. The fact that the ignorant masses would like to get access to snake oil medicine is no argument whatsoever for a decision about what should be regarded as medicine
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Another "former man", 94-year-old Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, thinks the federal government should legalize marijuana. He would probably fit in with the other "former" executives making up most of the notorious Global Commission on Drug Policy. Stevens' argument is that public opinion has changed on the issue, AP reports. Well, well Stevens. This is a red herring. As a matter of fact strong financial interests, lobbying, production of pseudo science, ads, and tons of pro-pot performances, spearheaded the effort to drug more people in the U.S. This has nothing to do with "a change of public opinion". It is the result of massive pro-pot propaganda. George Soros is an "excellent" example. He helped Uruguay to get more people addicted to marijuana by contributing $100 000 to the campaign to legalize marijuana. As if that wouldn´t be enough, Hannah Hetzer from the pro-drug organization Drug policy Alliance spent several months in Uruguay to lobby for legalization of pot. On top of that pro-pot proponents from Washington State and Colorado were flown into Uruguay to help promote legalization. That´s how you manipulate "public opinion".

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