Blog of Torgny Peterson, Special Advisor to WFAD
Mr. Peterson has been the Head of the social section at the Maria Clinic for young people in Stockholm, Director of HNN, and the European Cities Against Drugs. He has written numerous articles about drugs, and hosted and spoken at several national and international conferences on money laundering, organized crime, motorcycle gangs, research on drugs, prevention and treatment. TP was a member of the Swedish Government’s delegation to UNGASS in New York in 1998 and a trainer in the “Drug Trafficking Module” for the EU applicant countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Read more about Torgny Peterson here.
Danish police estimate that the annual turnover of the trade in cannabis amounts to a billion Danish crowns per year. Earlier the Copenhagen City Council proposed that Copenhagen should be allowed to experiment with decriminalization of cannabis. Wisely enough, that request was turned down by the Justice Ministry in May.

A proponent of legalization told the Copenhagen Post that “If we legalised it, the gangsters would soon be out of business because they wouldn’t be able to compete.” The statement is extremely naïve. Of course gangsters would be able to compete –with better quality, business open 24/7, no control, no rules and regulations, independent pricing, and no age limit.

The Minister of Justice has been asked to reconsider the decision. However, there is no need for reconsideration. Decriminalization or legalization is no solution. Cannabis is and should remain an illegal substance.