On June 26 the Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe (FDFE) organized in Brussels, a European Meeting on the theme Drug & Prevention to celebrate the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. This aligned with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime motto: Make health your “new high” in life, not drugs.

In front of an audience composed of diplomats, professors, presidents of youth associations, educators, the FDFE member from Germany based on the EMCDDA Report gave an overview of the drug problem in Europe. She was followed by the presentation of the FDFE educative tools and activities across Europe. Then the guest speakers, all drug experts, coming from different European countries took the floor: a M.D. from Italy who exposed the debilitating danger, often fatal, of the new synthetic drugs; the renown French Jungian psychoanalyst, former Director of the DIDRO Center, Paris; the former Drug Section Director of the Health Ministry of Hungary. All stressed on the importance of prevention, information and communication with the youth to educate them on the drug dangers.

An interactive worlshop, was led by the President of Say No To Drug France on « How to speak to youth about drugs ». The Day ended with the presentation of the song « Cocaine » written by a public in memory of his best friend.

Photo WFAD