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We, at the WFAD, are proud to have included the Rights of the Child and particular issues of Women and Drug Abuse in our 10-year Strategic Plan at the 2020 Annual Congress. We are determined to incorporate issues regarding these two groups and want to encourage our members to do the same. Since these complex issues cannot be tackled individually, we want to support our members and offer different capacity strengthening activities in the two areas. We, however, cannot do this without your support and we need your input! Therefore, we ask our members to answer a questionnaire which aims to map your needs and wishes in regards to the two topics.

Help us gain representable results per region to be able to offer the best services possible!

You can find the survey here

You can also fill out the following document WFAD Membership Survey and send it via email to ">

If you are interested in the interim report with our current results, please feel free to read the following report: Interim Report on CRC and CEDAW


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