Revista Internacioinal de Investigación en Adicciones (RIIAD) – Vol. 9 No. 2

Our member, Centros de Integración Juvenil, publishes the Revista Internacional de Investigación en Adicciones (RIIAD) twice a year to promote the publication of scientific research on drug abuse and its care. Their most recent publication includes the following articles:

  • The Importance of an Early Warning System for Drug Policy in Mexico.
  • Adaptation and validation of the test for detecting problems related to alcohol consumption in parents through children’s perception.
  • Differences in service utilization, co-occurring disorders, and risk behaviors between men and women receiving treatment in Residential Centers for substance use.
  • Addressing the health of gay men who use substances in Mexico: a focus group approach.
  • Behavioral activation for smoking cessation in college students using videoconferencing: a pilot study.
  • Cognitive performance in methamphetamine users and nonusers in early and prolonged abstinence.
  • Positive interactions (points) between parents and children in early life prevent the development of psychiatric symptoms.
  • Therapeutic treatment factors in recovery identity in people with substance use disorder: content analysis.
  • Marijuana use and child-parenting violence in adolescents.
  • Relationship between stereotypes, traits and gender roles with illegal drug use in Veracruz adolescents.
  • Guaranteeing health, public safety and individual rights.

Access the articles here.

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