Situation Analysis of Drug Abuse in Liberia by Global Action for Sustainable Development

Our Member, Global Action for Sustainable Development – GASD in Liberia, has shared their publication on the situation analysis of drug abuse in Liberia. The publication assesses the current state and long-term impact of substance abuse in Liberia, focusing on drug policy reform, drug law enforcement, drug rehabilitation, and prevention. Each theme has been reviewed and elaborated.

The report showcases that the lack of sustainable drug prevention programmes in Liberia has contributed to the increased rate of drug abuse over the years. It also concludes that Liberia is losing a generation to drug misuse and that, if practical actions (including policy implementation and donor-driven programmes) are not taken, a more challenging situation will be inherited, including high criminal activities, unemployment, increase SGBV, HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, TB, etc. The report shares points of advice and activities to be included to improve the situation, including making drug treatment services an integral part of the process, robust advocacy, support the LDEA, etc.

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