Partner Launch of the Project: Sober Youth – Healthier Communities

WFAD in partnership with partners Living Peace Institute (LPI), Dynamic Actions for Solidarity and Development (Dasod), Inter-Actions, and Synergies des Femmes (SYFES) have launched our new project, Sober Youth – Healthier Communities: Transforming Violent Youth in Kinshasa, DRC. Today, November 5th, our Country and Deputy Country Representatives, Dandy Yela and Sarah Bitamazire attended the launch activities of our partner SYFES. The launch activities encompass a three-day workshop regarding the training of educators identified by SYFES. Besides our WFAD representatives, some officials representing the DRC Ministry of Gender & Family, the DRC Ministry of Social Affairs and the Mayor of the Selembao Commune (one of the 24 administrative entities of Kinshasa) attended.

The workshop aims to build the capacities of therapeutic groups of young people in terms of facilitating individual and group exchanges.

At the end of this workshop, the 25 individuals to be trained should be able to:
– Understand the rationale of the programme and explain it
– Understand the identification process of Kulunas to be trained & educated for reinsertion
– Understand, explain and apply the principles of identifying young people through communication techniques
– Understand, explain and effectively use youth identification tools and techniques

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