Call for Support – Declaration of Oviedo

We want to share the Declaration of Oviedo, a Global initiative on Drug Use Prevention, and ask for your support by signing the declaration. The 2024 initiative is a global and collective construction resulting from an Expert Consultation on Prevention held in Oviedo in June 2023, which WFAD was honoured to participate in, followed by global elaboration and review.  It provides 10 proposals for effective strategies and political declarations and commitments for preventing drug use aligned with international scientific standards, addressing vulnerabilities linked to negative social and health consequences as well as addictive behaviours.

By signing the declaration and disseminating it among your network, you engage and endorse to strengthen it globally and ensure it reaches a wider number of people, organisations, and authorities to scale up evidence-based and effective prevention at the forefront of drug policy.

The Declaration is translated into Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Bengali, Portuguese, Italian, and Greek.

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