International Recovery Day 2023

Today we commemorate International Recovery Day, a day on which we celebrate that Recovery is Possible. As phrased by our International President, Amy Ronshausen, during our Recovery Webinar on September 29th, “Recovery is a journey of resilience, strength, and transformation.  It is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to overcome adversity, heal, and thrive.” The pathway of recovery is a personal story, however, not an individual one. With the correct support systems surrounding them, such as family, community, health care providers, etc., a person embarking on their recovery journey can be empowered. It is a shared effort to ensure that the CHIME can flourish in societal structures, activities, and processes, including Connectedness, Hope and optimism, Identity, Meaning, and Empowerment. Together, we can provide positive social support, driving the belief that change is possible and generating hope to manage change.

During the month of recovery, we have celebrated recovery by sharing testimonials of our members – to whom we are incredibly grateful. By their courage to share their unique, inspiring, and empowering stories, they showcase that the road to recovery is unique but possible. They have experienced hardships but also a lot of gratitude. By highlighting their stories, we want to show that recovery should not be stigmatised. It should be approached holistically and together. Read all the stories below:

DateRecovery ChampionTestimonial
Sep 01, 2023TraceyTaming & Unchaining Shame
Sep 03, 2023GiovanniRecovering Oneself is a Process
Sep 05, 2023RaquelI can confidently say that I love living
Sep 07, 2023AlvinSecond chances like this are what motivate me
Sep 09, 2023ThokchomTruth is a fire that burns and destroys lies
Sep 11, 2023DaveToday, I stand here, not just as a survivor, but as a warrior reborn
Sep 13, 2023Janmerson CarlosI thank God every day for being in recovery
Sep 15, 2023ChristopherThe most important step I made to sustained recovery was to ‘Decide
Sep 17, 2023MichaelI am using my story to inspire
Sep 19, 2023Norlinde BinteThe forgiveness and acceptance shown by [those] around me reinforce my belief in myself
Sep 21, 2023Ricardo… if there’s one word that encapsulates my [recovery] journey, it’s gratitude
Sep 23, 2023S.O.… been determined to further his education
Sep 25, 2023SergioLove is the greatest hope
Sep 27, 2023T.T.[I have] been sober for the past 6 months
Sep 29, 2023TraceyRecovery works and should be enabled, empowered, and equipped, not neglected and under-resourced

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