Statement: CND Vote on Rescheduling of Cannabis

“Earlier today the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs considered a series of recommendations from the World Health Organization on reclassifying cannabis and its derivatives. There were six recommendations in total but only one, recommendation 5.1, was passed by two votes. Recommendation 5.1 removes cannabis from schedule 4 however this will not mean a loosening of international controls as cannabis still remains in schedule 1 which already requires the highest level of international control. We support legitimate research into the components of cannabis plant that may have medical value and this vote aligns with that purpose. At the same time it is vital to acknowledge the serious public health and safety risks marijuana poses in communities around the globe. According to the World Drug Report, marijuana remains by far the most commonly used drug. Science tells us that marijuana impacts physical and mental health as well as unintended consequences such as addiction and those impacts can be more serious on the adolescent developing brain. As members of civil society is it our job to support policies that are based on scientific evidence and not political interests.”

Amy Ronshausen
International President World Federation Against Drugs

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