VNGOC – Webinar on 2024 Mid-Term Review Engagement – January 26th

This Friday, January 26th, Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC) is organising a webinar titled “The 2024 mid-term review: How to engage in the CND high-level segment”.

The online meeting is intended for civil society organisations interested in contributing to the 2024 mid-term review of the CND and its High-Level segment. It is aimed especially at NGO representatives who haven’t previously spoken at CND meetings yet. The meeting will also give guidance on the speaker selection process including tips and submitting relevant abstracts.

You can register to attend the webinar via the following link:,TCPe092QCUqCsZuB2UZgiA,DU6qkHy1DUWzZtbsH_POVg,r1VxUJOC7ESdwJCt5gxhtg,UoPy5hUDzE6aqNe6k22wDg,ef3Nw9dpG0ejO_Vie8PCuQ?mode=read&tenantId=c579ccda-ff2d-4f13-94a0-334d830cb7f


  • Opening remarks by Mirella Dummar-Frahi (UNODC, Chief, Civil Society Unit)
  • Overview of the processes towards the CND mid-term review in 2024 and civil society engagement therein
  • Round tables and the plenary: topics to focus on
  • Applying for a speaking slot  – How To

Moderators: Matej Kosir (Chair, VNGOC) & Nazlee Maghsoudi (Chair, NYNGOC)

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