Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs, in Cochin, India, 25-27th September
The conference was a joint cooperation between World Federation Against Drugs and the Fourth Wave Foundation, Project VENDA. WFAD and Fourth Wave Foundation are two organizations with vast experience within the field.

The main objective of the forum was to bring together civil society members, key decision makers and practitioners across Asia to empower and enable advocacy and networking in the region. The 3 days of the forum saw key stakeholders from across sectors coming together to share, understand and plan on how to work together. The final day, 100 youth representatives were invited to attend the forum.

The forum engaged over around 500 and more participants from across the world through live streaming online. The program agenda, key themes and topics discussed during the forum was designed to address issues and solutions at regional and country levels. The general feedback suggest that the forum helped in understanding the perspectives on prevention, care & recovery and various best practices. The forum also examined challenges like stigma associated with recovery, legalization debates and gender perspectives in dealing with the world drug problem.

The response by the local print and online media was very encouraging. Many of the speakers were interviewed and the media coverage during the conference had opinion articles and best practices stories published. The local press rendered due attention to the conference agenda all three days
making the conference message reach target audience of youth and local communities by spreading the message of prevention approach in solving the issue of Narcotics and drugs in our communities and among youth.

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The webcast is available on the Youtube Channel of Fourth Wave Foundation.