Recovery Pathways – Online Course (Free)

This MOOC introduces the science of addiction recovery and looks at the evidence on recovery pathways in Europe. Recovery Pathways has a particular focus on gender differences in how people recover and what happens at different stages of recovery. The course provides an insight into what we know about addiction recovery and how the European REC-PATH study has contributed to that knowledge.

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Addiction Care and Treatment Online Course (Free)

The Addiction Care and Treatment Online Course (ACTOC) is a comprehensive 22-module online course for health care providers who diagnose and treat patients with substance use disorders using evidence-based treatments along a continuum of care. Learners are awarded up to 20.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 3 credits for completion of the Addiction Care and Treatment Online Certificate and up to 5.0 CNA credits for completion of the Substance Use and Addiction Nursing Certificate.

Although this course is targeted toward health care providers, it is open to the general public. Anyone interested in learning about substance use disorders is encouraged to register for this course.

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Online DTAC Training Courses (Free)

SAMSHA offers 5 free online trainings, which are designed to help participants improve their awareness and understanding of the behavioural health effects of disasters and disaster and emergency response. The courses include first response, service to self, creating safe scenes, the shield of resilience, and crisis counselling assistance and training programmes. Most of the courses are 1 to 1.5 hours.

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Managing Addiction: A Framework for Successful Treatment (Free – Upgrade for an additional charge)

Addiction is such a common problem today that people experiencing alcohol, nicotine or other drug problems present in many different healthcare settings. The challenge of linking people experiencing addiction to the right response is a serious one, and much depends on understanding addiction and recognising the role that we all play in the pathway to recovery.

This course is intended to help you meet this challenge by increasing your understanding of the biology of addiction and the available treatment options in the different stages of the recovery journey.

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Online Learning Hub by ISSUP (Free for Members)

ISSUP offers an online learning hub for their members. Here you will find access for ISSUP members to the online versions of the Universal Prevention, Treatment & Recovery Curricula (UPC, UTC & URC). They offer self-led courses, which are at your own pace, and instructor-led courses, where you will receive guidance from an instructor.

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On-Demand Webinars – NAADAC (Free)

NAADAC offers On-Demand Webinars – which is an online database of webinars on

  • Practice Management, Policy, and Technology
  • Psychopharmacology, Neurobiology, and Research
  • Cultural Humility and Specific Population
  • Recovery Support
  • Co-occurring Disorders
  • Clinical Skills
  • Process Addictions
  • Ethics
  • HIV/Bloodborne Pathogens

You can earn credits by passing an online quiz after having watched the entire webinar. Find the webinars here!

Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Self-Care (88 EUR)

This two-week online micro-course experience is tailored for working professionals looking to rapidly obtain industry-relevant knowledge and skills in a specialised subject. Designed to provide maximum personal benefit with minimal time spent, the supported, interactive online learning model allows you to study at your own pace without having to submit lengthy assignments. The seminar-style class also gives you the chance to engage with a network of peers and expert faculty on topical areas that are key to your personal development.

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Understanding the Impact of Stigma on Addiction Treatment (Free Trial Period)

As part of the Addiction Medicine: An Introduction ExpertTrack, the two-week course on Understanding the Impact of Stigma on Addiction Treatment is held. The online course aims to explore how to reduce stigma, a significant barrier to treating patients with addiction, to improve your quality of care. There is a 7-day free trial, after which the course provider will charge for using the learning platform (39$ per month)

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Childhood Adversity: The Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Mental Health (Free Trial Period)

This three-week online course aims to explore the connection between childhood adversity and mental health and enhance your knowledge of mental health in young people. By using evidence-based research, you’ll examine the different ways childhood trauma can influence an individual’s psychological state, educational outcomes and social difficulties. There is a three-week free trial (without certification), after which the course provider will charge for using the learning platform (27.99$ per month)