Regional Forum on Drug Addiction and Recovery, Serbia 19-20th November 2019.
The Balkan Regional Forum on Drug Addiction and Recovery was hosted in 19-20th November in Serbia. The conference was a joint cooperation between World Federation Against Drugs and three leading Civil Society organisations in the Balkan region: Izlazak, Celebrate Recovery and Preporod. Izlazak, Celebrate Recovery and Preporod are leading Civil Society organisations working within Recovery. The three organization deploy a joint project, providing telephone hotline and in-person meetings to active users, individuals in recovery and members of their families.

The Forum was part of the final stage of the ongoing project, “Tri Balkan” and brought together civil society, authorities, ministers, country representatives and researchers from the region and internationally. During the two-day Forum, participants received a mixture of testimonies, speeches and workshops highlighting themes such as life in Recovery, International standards on prevention, the Icelandic model of prevention, as well as the legal status of cannabis. The Forum presented the results of the three organization’s joint project Tri Balkan, or “Choose Recovery” which is deployed in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

The Forum gathered 170 representatives from 116 institutions and organizations across the region and gained a massive media coverage which has never been recorded for drugs and recovery field. Additionally, a press conference was organized. The member organizations received many letter of support and invitations for media appearances as a result. Furthermore, the forum was given local support of the Serbian Drugs Office. The forum made clear: Recovery works and recovery is possible!

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