During the period of May till September 2021, WFAD is working together with the Rehabilitation for Vulnerable Groups (RIVG) to achieve sustainable reintegration of young offenders in Georgia through Art therapy and capacity building trainings.


In Georgia, overall knowledge is scarce on how to best treat and rehabilitate young drug-abusing criminal offenders. The state’s capacity to break the vicious cycle of crime and drug abuse among young offenders is low and the country’s penitary system is underfunded.  Specifically, a lack of variety of reintegration services is recognised as a major bottleneck in the reintegration process for youth in conflict with the law.

The Project: Crafting Resilience

The project aims to apply art therapy to achieve better rehabilitation of young probationers in Georgia. The target group is those between 14 and 21 years old probationers seeking recovery from drug addiction and crime-free life. The module of Art therapy, used by RIVG, is designed for people facing substance abuse who have had the experience of imprisonment or have been in conflict with the law. The module has been created for probationers who experience emotional self-regulation difficulties, interpersonal relationship difficulties, frequent conflicts, and have a motivation for change. The aim of the module is to identify emotions and improve self-regulation; increase self-acceptance and self-esteem for probationers; analyse and re-evaluate past experiences; finding alternative ways to solve the problem; improving interpersonal relationships, and; finding and updating own resources. The module has been successfully tested and used by RIVG in the process of the implementation of EU funded project related to the reintegration of former prisoners.

Online Exhibition

As part of the project, an online exhibition has been created. Here, you will find art works created by the children during their art therapy sessions. Enter the online exhibition here