Sushma D. Taylor

Deputy Board Member representing North America
Sushma D. Taylor

President and CEO, Center Point, Inc. and President of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities

Dr. Sushma Taylor has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Center Point, Inc., a California based health and social services agency, for over 39 years. Dr. Taylor holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed therapist, she is a former President of Therapeutic Communities of America and currently serves as the President of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities.

Dr. Taylor was born in India and has lived in the West Indies, Sweden, England and South East Asia. Her father was an ambassador for the government of India. The frequent relocation of the family gave Dr. Taylor a multi-cultural orientation and the ability to speak several languages. Dr. Taylor is married to a psychologist, Rod Taylor, and has a son, Thaine, who served as a United States Marine.

Throughout Sushma D. Taylor’s career she has had a primary vision and focus: to create opportunities and remove barriers for individuals and families who have been displaced by the effects of homelessness, unemployment, drug and/or alcohol abuse, poor health, mental health problems and criminal justice involvement. She believes that there is extraordinary potential in the seemingly most ordinary person.

Dr. Taylor has long been a champion of underserved individuals and families, providing vital programs that effect significant change, improve the quality of life and promote personal and social responsibility.

Dr. Taylor believes that her ultimate and true success is the success of those she serves.