WFAD has officially partnered with Recovery Users Network (RUN) in 2021. Recovered Users Network is a network of NGOs working towards promoting approaches to the drug problem that emphasize the importance of Recovery. To support us in achieving this goal, we reach out to organizations, individuals, academia, researchers, and communities that support recovery to work with us in an advisory capacity and to raise the voice of the Recovery movement. By doing so we are contributing to constructive and respectful drug policies, for individuals, families, and communities.

RUN welcomes the opportunity to present their members what they do. RUN is an initiative established by four founding members: Celebrate Recovery, San Patrignano, Izlazak, and EURAD. Currently, they have 59 members and lots of individuals who support recovery. Membership is free to all those who would like to be part of RUN and who desire personal involvement while supporting Recovery.

The mission of RUN is to offer a network that provides and supports a voice for recovered/recovering drug users to promote and share experiences of recovery, on both the political and practical levels. RUN aims to strengthen and expand its network to enhance the political impact on drug policies and advocate for recovery-oriented policies within National, European, and International political forums.

RUN aims to bring more voices from different countries together and have more diverse individuals coming forward with similar messages. In doing so, they aim to be perceived in the UN and EU as a common voice of Recovery and influence specific parts of drug policies. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, recovery communities have shown, more so than ever, how crucial it is to offer support to vulnerable individuals. Thus, this is the opportunity to grow and connect with more individuals and organisations to improve the visibility of recovered users and individuals in recovery from across the globe.


  • Actively participated in the work leading up to UNGASS 2016 and High-Level Ministerial meeting 2019 – a member of Civil Society Task Force and representative of affected population – Recovered Users, organised several side events, and conducted Global Thematic Consultations on recovery.
  • Participated and organised several side events with their partners and members during the previous CNDs.
  • Organised three exhibitions during the regular sessions of the CND in March
  • Organised several study visits for our members – to Italy (San Partignano), Poland (Monar), and Gothenburg, among others.

Plans for the future

  • Develop a stronger network in partnership with WFAD
  • Initiate greater engagement among and between members
  • Promote best practices in recovery and social reintegration
  • Provide opportunities for members to gather evidence on recovery through research – Life in Recovery, Stigma among professionals
  • Strengthen the capacity of members by providing webinars and trainings


Want to become a member? Send them an email *Membership is free

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