Secure-D-Future International Initiative (SDF) , a non-governmental organization is at the forefront of interventions in the mental health sector in Nigeria promoting professionalism, access to mental health services through counseling and psychotherapy, and awareness creation. Piloted by a team of experts led by the founder, Mrs. Sa’adatu Adamu, the organization is poised to distort the normal in an industry bedeviled by unprofessionalism, comatose motivation and deplorable brain drain.

The dearth of professionalism has dug a gulf between clients and services in the industry giving room for unprofessionalism to thrive. For decades prior to the founding of the SDF, the designation of counselor had morphed from its original professional meaning to a near thuggish hailing in the street. Thus, the counseling profession became an all comers affair lacking the requisite professional ethos. The result of this anarchical slide is unimaginably terrible.

However, given the impressive gains of the SDF guided by a mission of professionalism, a vision of transformation, integration and acceptance and a core value of mind as wealth, the SDF remains a viable leader in the mental health sector in Nigeria.

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