High on Life is an idea- to see India as a drug-free Nation by educating the young breed of India about the evil effects of drugs & reinforcing the message for inspiring, motivating and supporting drug addicts to stay away from the perils of drug abuse and start staying High on Life. High on Life is not just an NGO. We are a movement driven by a bunch of enthusiastic people who believe in the beauty of living sober. We love to help the youth in staying away from the perils of substance abuse and do not preach morality. Our focus is mainly on creating a positive aura by enlightening everyone with the right information, advice and support.
Ideated by a small and lively group of individuals to help people stay High on Life, instead of drugs, our foundation aims at educating the youth about the dangers and ill effects of drug abuse and addiction.
HOL is determined to make India a drug-free Nation & we are committed towards:
• Advocating in favor of drug addict rehabilitation policies at all levels
• Conducting research for prevention and de-addiction treatment
• Educating the youth and general public about the perils of drug addiction
• Dispelling common addiction myths by sharing and celebrating successful recovery stories
• Eliminating the social stigmas related to drug addiction
• Developing required resources to provide recovery support services

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