Regardless of language, religion, race, gender, in need of help, orphans, orphans, street children and people stuck in the streets, in distress, disaster, war, natural disaster, etc., at home and abroad. To deliver the necessary humanitarian aid to all people who have been victimized, injured, crippled, starved or exposed, and persecuted for reasons, and to take all necessary initiatives to ensure that the fundamental rights and freedoms of these people are not violated. to fight against all crime and criminal elements. It is to carry out education and training activities at all levels with the aim of raising qualified people.

Our children and young people are growing up in an age where all our moral values ​​are forgotten. With the observations and research we have made, we see that the majority of our orphaned children and youth have lost their identities, physical and mental health due to drug use, prostitution, gambling, alcohol, technology addiction and all factors that can harm people.
The fact that the majority of young people involved in crime and criminal elements are homeless has also deeply affected and saddened us. For this reason, we have made it our vision to provide opportunities for the personal and cultural development of young people who are growing up without a caregiver, apathy and love, by preventing them from being involved in possible crime and criminal elements, and then by ensuring their social adaptation, and we have adopted the motto of making disadvantaged young groups advantageous.

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