The Association for the Integrity of Children and Youth in Angola is a non-profit volunteer community organization, founded in 2018, with legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy. AICJA takes care of social actions, of children and young people that boil down to Human Rights, the fight
against corruption, work and the promotion of the environment.

AICJA's vision is that of a united, responsible Angolan society, capable of self-management, of leading a healthy, balanced and more dignified life and in which AICJA is an important partner for the promotion of youth and ensuring the integral growth of all as children.

The mission of the Association for the Integrity of Children and Youth in Angola is defined by the integral development of a generation resulting from the virtues and fundamental values also to educate, instruct, supervise and popularize through its actions children and young people in different areas of life and help them grow in dignity and respect for human rights, with a view to increasing their intellectual and technical capacity for self-promotion and self-care.

1. The humanization of the Destiny of all Children
2. Take special care of the most disadvantaged and denounce the abuse of children
3. Defending the rights and protection of the child, ensuring equal opportunities for a world better for children, without discrimination or rejection, but with dignity for all
4. The fight against child labour
5. The fight against human trafficking
6. The fight against juvenile delinquency
7. Encouraging and supporting young people to participate in building peaceful societies based on diversity, social cohesion and inclusion, in a spirit of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding
8. Supporting unemployed youth (street children, uneducated children, young mothers, unaccompanied children, and others) through micro-projects for their reintegration into active social life
9. Develop short, medium, and long-term programmes and projects in response to the needs to children and young people and submit to partners for funding, but also with their own means, capacities, and resources
10. Promote the protection of the environment as a whole, carrying out concrete actions such as planting trees to eliminate greenhouse gasses
11. The fight against corruption in all its forms to strengthen the rule of law and good governance as a basis for the development of children and youth
12. The fight against drug abuse in illicit trafficking to promote a safer environment
13. Promote the set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
14. Promoting community health and fighting sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.

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