Family Wellbeing Centre works for saving and improving the living standards of communities. We build connections, understandings and trust between people to improve their well-being through effective interventions since 2016 in Sri Lanka.

FWC's Vision is to create a society free from injustice where everyone lives for enjoying well-being.

FWC's Mission is to promote well-being among every individual, family and society through effective education and social change approaches.

FWC Goal:

We believe everyone has the right to equitable opportunities for enjoying their well-being. Therefore, we empower and mobilize people by addressing and influencing relevant factors through effective modules and interventions on major concerns to reach their full potential and passionate life.

We committed to assisting all by addressing identified factors through effective education and social change approaches. FWC is especially passionate about creating healthy, peaceful and positive safe environments for every family and society.

FWC-Specific Objectives:

1. Mobilize and empower every individual, family and society for promoting well-being in given populations.

2. Address identified relevant factors with influencing major concerns.

3. Advocate public policies from well-being perspectives that establish relationships with every party for high-impact solutions.

4. Responding to emergencies.

5. Providing information Services.

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Family Wellbeing Centre
M. Shifan Mohamed
Sri Lanka