SAPI is a humanitarian organization nonprofit to help to children of right Swiss, which defends the rights of children and ensures to it that they are protected against the poverty, the abuse and farms, the violence and the abuse.

We help the children and their relatives to acquire the skills, the knowledge and the confidence which they have need for resell their rights to a life fully satisfactory , today and in the future . SAPI work to build a future better for the children poor and their communities thanks to the approaches innovative and the solutions practical and sustainable. SAPI de develops and implements field projects that promote to improve the life daily of children and of their communities in particular in the field of the health and protection of the child . SAPI works to improve the life of the child s in an emergency situation by providing food, medical care, support psychosocial, nutrition, protection, housing , water and sanitation.

The assistance provided by SAPI improves the lives of children and adolescents by responding to the growing needs of HIV / AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children living in difficult conditions beyond the interventions of other NGOs. SAPI provides psychosocial care as well as compassion to enable war orphans , refugee children, migrant children and other vulnerable children, especially children in street situations , to enjoy their rights, to realize their full potential and to achieve a future resolved.

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