Established on August, 09 2015, the Fondation Panda wa Makùlù (FOPAMA) has the mission to contribute to the improvement of human rights, health, access to water, sanitation, education, food security as well as the socio economic reliance of rural populations.

The goals of FOPAMA are stated as follow :

-To support efforts aimed at strengthening food and nutritional security in rural communities;

1. To encourage any appropriate initiative likely to improve socio-economic situation as well as equitable access to income for the poorest;

2. To lead initiatives aimed at improving access to drinking water, community health services, education, sustainable livelihoods and a better quality of life by and for the different layers of peasant populations;

3. To promote respect for universal human rights, the culture of justice, peace, citizen democracy, participatory governance, transparency and non-discrimination at all levels of society.

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