Vision Statement: Towards a drugs & Alcohol-free society in which youth are empowered to live a life of equality and dignity in Bhutan. At the same time, decreasing the stigma around drug use.

Mission Statement: Jurwa's mission is to enhance the quality of life of our youth affected by drugs by providing consistently available and accessible services, treatment and Rehabilitation, and to work with the community to contribute, facilitate, and promote solutions for problems.

Our Core Values:

1. Genuine – With more than twelve years of Jurwa’s existence with the Government trained Professional in the field of addiction, all are recovering, we are sincere, trustworthy, and reliable. Operating with integrity and empathy, being ethical, and treating others with respect are at the heart of all the staff and volunteers of “Jurwa”.

2. Innovative – We strive to connect new ideas with social realities. Ideas come from everywhere in the NGO.

3. Involved - We are inclusive, open, and actively engaged with our beneficiaries, staff, volunteers, partners and the communities we serve. We consider the Young people of today as our greatest asset.

Our Objectives:

1) To support, promote and advocate the services that are inaccessible, non-existent or inadequate for youth, especially after their treatment from Rehabilitation Centre,

2) To build an active support system for our youth and to help them realize their potential.

3) Due to widespread stigma about those who use drugs and who suffer from addiction, These interventions are not usually supported by the people, so we work together towards the protection of youth in all settings – domestic, community, employment, and education.

4) To provide affirmative action for youth in the area of livelihood, employment, and vocational training through the support of various organizations.

5) To improve access to services for youth in the areas of counselling, treatment, and general health care.

6) To provide a platform for networking amongst organizations and linkages to support systems that facilitate the rehabilitation of the youth and vulnerable sections of society.

7) To build capacities of associates through seminars, trainings and development programs which will affect in the holistic development of vulnerable sections of society.

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