Mega Vision Organisation (MVO) was founded to pursue and promote the right to equality as a right to participate in all areas of life on an equal basis; this approach has provided the conceptual basis for all our work, which focuses on how to achieve equality through the enactment and implementation of equality laws.


The mission of Mega Vision Organisation is to promote human rights and the development of youth and women, empowering them with life skills for active participation in the development of their country.


A society in which Human Rights and Justice in the Social Development system are realised.


1) Promoting human rights, equipping women and the youth with financial literacy skills, and empowering them economically through savings, investments, and micro-entrepreneurship mentoring.

2) Organising book and reading festivals as well as conducting educational regional, national, and international trips aligned with the promotion of reading culture and lifetime learning.

3) To build strong relationships with organisations that share our values and vision, thereby increasing the capacity of young people to build upon their skills and aptitudes for the betterment of their community.

4) Advocating for and providing nutritional awareness, sanitation, and shelter.

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