The Foundation Centre is a proposed organisation which aims to provide support and growth for service users who have a history of substance abuse. The organisation aims to establish education programmes for the community, families, and individuals. It also aims to assist those individuals who need assistance with accessing the in-patient programme and those who have completed the in-patient program and are in need of monitoring and assistance with the maintenance of sobriety. The organisation aims to specialise in the out-patient program prior to and post admission to the in-patient programme.

The organisation's slogan is “Cultivated ambition can change lives” This slogan was inspired by the mission and vision of the organisation. If we can give individuals and families, the tools and the ability to use those tools they can be empowered to bring change to the community of Soweto. Moving forward the Foundation Centre hopes to assist those who have been affected by substance use disorder with a second chance to help them realise their true potential. This will be achieved by involving life coaches and career counsellors to help guide service users to their desired goals. The organization further wants to establish a skill development programme and an environment for service users to display their skills and growth.

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