Hiran Youth Council is a local non-governmental non-political and non-profit organization that engage in the improvement of livelihoods through the promotion of social services, Public Health, Water and sanitation, Emergency responses, Environment, drug prevention Human rights, Income generation program and HIV/AIDS prevention awareness, Hiran Youth Council strives to prevent injustice practices and enhances peace and reconciliation process among Somali communities. Hiran Youth Council has a strong bias in ensuring the environmental protection and resilience of communities.

Hiran Youth Council was founded in September 2018 by a group of Somali Youth. Its establishment came at a time when most youths were in the chaotic and anarchistic situation and widespread desperate youth in south-central particularly. Hiran Youth Council has good experience and capacity related to community development activities and since its establishment, Hiran Youth Council has implemented different projects in Somalia, and particularly most of the projects were implemented in Somalia - Beledweyne and Mogadishu, the projects was funded by International NGOs, Hiran Board of directors and Somali Diaspora

1. Hiran Youth Council Vision

Hiran Youth Council desires to be a sustainable Organization for the realization of the elimination of Poverty, and human rights volition and to enhance sustainable socio-economic development in Somalia where people enjoy peace, prosperity and the rule of law.

2. Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people living in extreme poverty achieve major improvement in their lives which last and spread without ongoing support from the Hiran Youth Council.

3. Organizational Objectives

1. Help consolidate the peace process in Somalia and the country's economic recovery. This will be achieved through the increased capability of marginalized and poor communities to engage in supporting local production, thus reducing their dependency on relief aid and helping them to move towards sustainable livelihood.

2. Support the local communities in the establishment of sustainable social services through support of education, enhancing awareness on cessation of GBV, FGM and HIV/AIDS by promoting and support for primary health services.

3. Advocate and Support child rights through demobilization programs and the creation of alternative employment opportunities.

4. Lobbying and advocacy for peace, Human rights and the rule of law

5. Hiran Youth Council Core Value:

1. Respect for Indigenous Knowledge

2. Respect for the positive Somali Traditional Culture

3. Respect for Religion and Tradition

4. Protection of Staff Dignity and Professionalism

5. Transparency and Accountability to all stakeholders

6. Do Not Harm Approach

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