The Drug Advisory Council of Australia was established in 1996 by doctors and counsellors who had many years experience in drug rehabilitation. They were concerned that the policies of harm minimization were ineffective in dealing with Australia’s growing number of drug users.

Seeking world’s best practice in drug policy they were attracted to the involuntary detoxification and rehabilitation policies of successful countries like Sweden. The Council’s key aim is to abide by the United Nations conventions that bind Australia into substantially reducing the number of illicit drug users. Key initiatives of the Council include –

  • Truthful information about the harm of illicit drugs which is imparted to teenagers so as to dissuade them from trying illicit drugs.
  • Maintaining the illegal status of drugs.
  • Treating illicit drug use as an extensive community problem not a health issue and therefore counting all costs of illicit drug use.
  • Support for Court ordered and supervised detoxification and rehabilitation programs that stop users from taking drugs.
  • Regular surveys of drug use to identify trends and inform debate.
  • Regular contact with policy makers about drug issues.
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