Anhöra Mot Droger, AMD (Relatives Against Drugs) is an association for all those who has someone close who abuses drugs and want that person to stop their destructive way of life. We also want to help and support the families so they can live a good life even if someone close to them is abusing drugs of various kinds. Also, the people who want to work for a society free of drugs are of course welcome to our association to learn more on this topic.

Our most important task is to convey support and advice to families. Usually, it results in chaos when abuse is detected in the family, and then there is usually good to sit down and talk with a person who has experienced the same thing.

In order to assist the families in helping the addict the right way, we organize a so-called Relative's Course. It allows for our members to meet other families, hear their stories, learn more about drugs and addiction and to feel that they are not alone in this situation. This is an important part of the recovery of the families that usually gets co-dependent in their eagerness to help the addict, and thus does it the wrong way.

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