SOPI JIKKO is invested in the psychosocial accompaniment of the users of Drugs and in the primary prevention. Thus it opened in partnership with ONG Omaiset Huumetyön Tukena de Finland, a center of Rehabilitation and Social rehabilitation of the users of drugs installed in Sicap Mbao in the suburbs of Pikine, which functions since 2009.

In collaboration with the Psychiatric Hospital National centre of Thiaroye, SOPI JIKKO receives users of drugs which generally come from the various localities of Dakar.

The services offered to the recipients are free completions and during their daily residence time in the center, SOPI JIKKO ensures their restoration and at the end of the activities refunds the transport costs return to them.

SOPI JIKKO extended its activities in prison medium and thus intervenes on the level of the MAC de Rufisque and in that of Hann this with an aim of starting the work of rehabilitation of the “Individuals of Freedom” starting from the prisons.

To deal with the problems of the drug of the ERF (Children in Family Rupture) generally called Children of the Street, SOPI JIKKO develops a programme of assumption of responsibility. And within this framework of the actions street are carried out into diurnal and sometimes night to go to meet these children in their various points of fall.

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