”Still, I have a dream. This is our hope... With this faith we will be able to cut, from a mountain of despair a stone of hope...”
Martin Luther King

Carpe Diem Corporation is an institution that works for the improvement of mental health and its mission is directed to the development of social, emotional and organizational people to proactively address issues and develop multiple skills.

We specialize in managing the Treatment Centers inspired methodology and Therapeutic Community Model, "Heal, healing" for both residential and external care in several communes and regions of Chile. We have specialized homes for the care of adult men, adult women, as well as for adolescent offenders.

We believe in the change in lifestyle and motivation to keep changes not only related to the cessation of substances. The treatment, we postulate, also implies a process of deep personal development and also has implications for interpersonal relationships of people who come to their treatment. Therefore, our model considers in its approach the implementation of workspaces that take care of the integral development of the human being.

UNIDOS – Rede Nacional Contra Droga

UNIDOS – Rede Nacional Contra Droga (National Network Against Drugs) is a humanitarian Non Governmental Organization, with nonprofit expectations, established in 1998 and later legally constituted in terms No. 1 Article 5 of Law no. 8/91, of 18 July and Article 1 of Decret no. 21/91, of 3 October and published in Serial III no. 35, of Wednesday 30 August 2006 in the supplement of the Republic Bulletin.

Advocate in the perspective of human rights equality between men and women, boys and girls, for an informed society free of abusive drug consumption and risk behaviours that lead to vulnerability to HIV infection.

To have a strengthened network, offering pre

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