Our Vision and mission is to help substance users/addictive people to come out from their addictions and support them to practice a drug free sober and sane clean life in a united family.

About founding President

I Mithra Sri Karunanayake is the founding president of Mithuru sevana. I have a degree in Journalism/ Mass Communication. I am a journalist and a counselor too.

I did a higher diploma in drug abuse management studies in a leading national university in Sri Lanka.I have done many higher level Diplomas and trainings regarding drug prevention and treatment (Canada, India, Malaysia, philipines, Thailand)

I was an addict and a habitual prisoner too for drug offenders from 1983 to 1996 (13 years) I got recovered in late 1996. From 1996 to today I am clean and sober for last 17 years without even a beer or a cigarette.

Our treatment model

We are based on Christian faith with love and forgiveness (faith based treatment model) We have a board of directors (steering committee to plan and handle the program We have a residential centre with all the facilities including beds, study room, library prayer room, place for indoor and out door games, kitchen, dinning room etc…


  • Medical treatment (pain killers for withdrawal symptoms)
  • Counseling,Mediation, prayers and spiritual activities
  • Sports, games and Work therapy
  • Educational programmes, Fun and recreation
  • Physical fitness, Vocational trainings
  • After care programs

At once we can provide residential service to 20 addicts. Therefore we have 18 recovering residential client at present in our centre.

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