Main Activities

To coordinate and assist the formulation and organization of community socio-economic groups so as to influence the participatory approach in the development.

To create awareness among the rural and urban population on the economic benefits of available resources. This will help on proper utilization of resources without harming the environment so as to boost up their development.

To impart, share and exchange knowledge, skills and experience with other organizations, donors, government bodies and local community. Conducting researches focusing on the issues of development, poverty eradication, human rights and environment which have direct impact to people and their lives.

To provide consultancy services on various aspects like project planning, monitoring and evaluation to the local community, NGOs and other groups. This shall involve consultancy to individuals and others on the matter of development.

To promote friendly environmental activities and improve actions to land degradation, deforestation, soil erosion, sea shore desertification. Promoting human rights and eliminating of all forms of actions against women and children. Effective strengthening of women’s economic and social security and empowering so as to reduce gap between man and women to the economic development.

To support youth, unemployed and help them to be able for self-employments through training and other supportive mechanisms.

To promote and improve the agriculture and fishing activities so as to improve the life of local people at rural areas.

To fight against HIV/AIDS, unlawful fishing though creating awareness and imparting knowledge and skills on the aspects related to HIV/AIDS, economic and ecological potential of forest, water and green lands.

Promoting improvement of social services (ensuring equitable access to quality education, improving survival health and well-being and improving access to clean, affordable and safe water).

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