Welcome to UHAI Centre, UHAI is an acronym derived from United in Health and Agriculture Improvement which also means “life” or “alive” in Swahili, a common language used within East and Central African countries.

At UHAI Centre, we acknowledge that fighting alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction means promoting inclusive human development, it reduces HIV&AIDS, reduces communicable and non-communicable diseases therefore promoting life, productivity and socio-economic well being. We promote volunteerism in the fight against alcoholism, drugs and substance abuse in our communities by sensitizing, educating and creating awareness to vulnerable communities to help prevent initiation and/ or delay onset of substance abuse.

We are committed to ensuring that all people have access to necessary information in its simplest context on the effects of drugs and essential life skills to avert indulgence in these life threatening habits.

Our initiative is founded on 4 pillars namely I). Demand reduction, II)Advocacy/capacity building & research, III). Prevention, rehabilitation and treatment, IV).Employee assistance Programme

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