Parent-Child Intervention Centre (PCIC) is an organization situated in Nigeria to champion the actualization of peaceful homes, especially when it has to do with Child upbringing. PCIC was established with the inclination that parenting is the most important and challenging job facing the family circle. However, as study shows, it is receiving very minimal attention leading to the deterioration of the society at large. Our organization, with the mandate to salvage, stabilize and bridge the gap between parent and child, it is pertinent to state that there is very little formal training for this task and parents are often isolated without adequate support networks. Parent-Child Intervention Centre (PCIC) is well equipped to stand as a key player in this area thus addressing these fundamental and consequential needs of parents and children. We’re equally devoting our passion for restoring and upholding the parent-child relationship bond with excellent results.

Through our platform, we have constantly and lawfully dedicated enormous resources in tackling parenting problems as well as training and engaging teachers, youth workers and other relevant child care providers in order to create an environment where children can flourish, socially, psychologically, Godly, academically and guarantee a peaceful world.

Through empowerments, Behavior diagnosis, psychotherapies we restore and uphold the parent-child relationship bond thereby reducing child abuse, neglect, drug abuse and trafficking for a better world.

Raising a generation free from child abuse, drug abuse, trafficking and behavioral challenges.

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