Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization is Non-Governmental organization based on the following ideologies:
o Accelerating, transforming and stimulating a broad based economic developed nation.
o Seeking to contribute to the improvement of young people’s, youths’ and women lives through school, community-based education and other innovative ventures for sustainable development and our core objectives are:

a) Equipping the youth with vocational and technical skills.
b) Contributing towards environmental conservation and management.
c) To provide start-up capital, materials and moral support to vulnerable young youths.
And at the core of our thematic areas of interventions, it is a partnership for sustainable development, which is based on 3 directions:

o Advocating for improved infrastructure of vocational training within the Ugandan Educational system.
o Facilitating access to vocational training by providing training to youth in and out of school
o Increasing international awareness and collaborating with companies and organizations that socially and economically want to invest, improve and empower young’s people’s and women lives for attaining sustainable development in Uganda.

UYSTO targets children, youths and women, the children we target are both in and out of school with age bracket of 10-15. Youths and young people target group is 15- 28 with women ranging from 20-35 years of age.

At UYSTO we have effectively made our interventions in the following programs:
a) Hands on skills development.
b) Environmental conservation and management.
c) Care and support to vulnerable groups of people.
d) HIV/AIDS and other diseases general awareness.
e) With cross cutting issue in gender

This renders us an opportunity to get involved in the activities below:

o Training of hands-on skills (Technical vocational and entrepreneurship skills) i.e. carpentry, knitting, computer application, automotive mechanics, business/initiatives establishment, music dance and drama, sports and games, driving, farming, tailoring, electrical installation among others.
o Training employable and life skills to the target youths and women groups, entrepreneurship being the major conduit of this activity.
o We provide our finalists with start-up capital/support.
o Carry out career guidance education workshops at both UYSTO training center and our partners, we have a career center provided to us by Erasmus +.
o We provide psychosocial support to vulnerable children and the young people like menstrual materials, books, shoes, backpackers, and other scholastic materials support.
o We do conduct nursery bed preparations and management training workshop both theories and practical.
o Tree planting using both local and international work camps supported by volunteers.
o Vegetable growing, Climate change general awareness to children, youth and women, show causes of carbon accumulation, its effects and possible solutions as well as trying hard to comply with Uganda’s commitments as a country tasks of climate change mitigation and adaptation.
o Participate in Erasmus + projects of capacity building.
o UYSTO being with this expertise of over 5 years involved this kind of work, believes that its participation in relation to this project application will yield tangible results.
o Create HIV/AIDS and other diseases general awareness.
o Conduct Menstrual health management community forums.
o Road safety precautions observation and respecting of road signs outreach activities.
o Conducting domestic violence community forums.
o Receive and host international volunteers for community meaning full engagement assignments.
o Integrate other several youth wooers
o Collect old hand tools locally and refurbish them for donating to our finalists as startup support.

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