The SafeLaunch mission is to prevent teen exposure to alcohol and other drugs that lead to the disease of addiction. By raising awareness that 90% of addiction begins before age 18 and offering parents, youth service providers and schools resources to prevent drug exposure, we save lives and alleviate suffering.

Adolescent substance use poses a serious mental health threat, with lowered academic achievement, lost potential, damaged relationships, brain damage, addiction, and early death the unfortunate results. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that is treatable, but not curable. Statistically, only one out of ten people treated for a chemical addiction maintain their sobriety over the course of their life.

Since 90% of addiction roots in early first exposure, preventing this disease must become everyone’s priority.

SafeLaunch is focused on protecting youth from harm. By embracing current scientific evidence to inform adolescents and adults about the human brain, SafeLaunch inspires the message that prevention requires education and action… because addiction isn’t a choice.

SafeLaunch was founded by parents who believe that preventing children’s exposure to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs is as important as preventing childhood diabetes, lead poisoning, or any other preventable disease.

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