Drug use disorders are a serious health issue, with a significant burden for individuals affected, their families, and significant loss to society including loss of productivity, security challenges, crime increased health care costs, and an array of negative social consequences. Amazing as it may appear, Nigeria recorded about 14.3 million people aged 15-64 years who were said to have used drugs in 2017 alone (UNODC Drug Use Survey, 2018). Drug use disorders are indeed a major global health problem and caring for individuals affected, places a heavy burden on Government (i.e. public health systems) and NGOs (such as YUDAC) to effectively work harder towards combating this menace by way of improving treatment systems and prevention strategies. This would undoubtedly benefit not only the affected individuals but also their communities and the whole society.

Youth United against Drug Abuse and Crimes Initiative, YUDAC is a not-for-profit organisation located in Jos North, Plateau State Nigeria working towards combating drug abuse that is affecting our teaming youth. The organisation is blessed with young enthusiastic professionals with vast experiences, working relentlessly towards having a drug-free world. The organisation is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and has been legally carrying its tasks as contained in its constitution.

To educate our teaming youth on the effects of drug abuse and other social vices through drug awareness campaigns, radio programmes, professional film shows, social activities, lectures in schools, churches and mosques, etc.

YUDAC shall be a vibrant organisation comparable to any other, engaged in imparting positively on every youth irrespective of ethnoreligious affiliations, using various multi-disciplinary approaches as well as creating an avenue for the prevention of the irrational use of drugs and other substances within Nigeria and beyond.

- To protect the interest of the youth by promoting the intellectual and moral activities of every individual within Nigeria.
- To help maintain a high standard of living in Nigeria by fighting crimes and other social vices like Violence on Women and Rape, as well as creating a medium of promoting gender equality.
- To encourage the development of a peaceful, united and prosperous Nigeria by promoting mutual understanding between the various ethnic groups through the exchange of ideas by whatever medium convenient.
- To foster mutual co-existence between drug addicts, their families and the general public in order to promote love, peace, and harmony through symposia, counselling, lecture, professional film shows and other social activities.

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