Pradita Madani Cempaka Foundation (PRAMA) is an organization founded by NGO activists in Indonesia who work on issues of narcotics, health and community empowerment.

The vision of the Prama Foundation is:
Realizing an increase in the level of social welfare of the community through an equal, fair, transparent and clean community empowerment movement and providing assistance and facilitation for people with disabilities, narcotics users, street children, sex workers, transgender people, and other people with social welfare problems to be able to live like any other society.

In implementing the program, it is not only on drug prevention but we provide services in social drug rehabilitation, economic empowerment of addict families and training for peer educators in the community.

We carry out this narcotics program for teenagers in schools, street children, bus drivers, women's groups, in prisons, people in villages, transgender people and workers in night entertainment.

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