Standsafe Society Against Drugs and Substance Abuse (SSADASA) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established to impact society against Drug and Substance Abuse, provide solutions, and enable societal well-being. They value the gift of life and good health, hence their goal is to ensure that you stay healthy and drug-free. A healthy body guarantees a sound mind, vice versa.

- a well-informed society through the creation of mini intervention plans, sensitisation, and advocacy
- develop programmes, execute projects, and carry out health-based services to various institutional levels of the society
- provide medical and counselling aid to drug dependents through linkage to care platform
- implement care support for rehabilitated individuals through skill acquisition
- build partnerships with local and international organisations to achieve goals.

- to reduce drug and substance abuse to the barest minimum by 2030
- recovered drug abusers join in our cause against drug abuse
- a well-structured institution to facilitate drug recovery

- Innovation
- Accountability
- Mental well-being
- Servant Leadership
- Teamwork
- Respect
- Responsibility
- Equity
- Trust

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