Hope Foundation (HF) is officially registered in 2011 at the District Administrative Office of Kathmandu in Nepal and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Government of Nepal (GON) as a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization that intends to offer a non-discriminatory, supportive, community-based approach while helping people to bring about changes in lifestyle.

HF is a community-based organization with a group of professional people having a history of experience in Drug Use & Harm Reduction, HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention, Anti Human trafficking activities, community development work. Most of the volunteers working actively in HF are people having a history of Injecting and other routes of Drug Using behaviour, and people living with HIV/AIDS as well as the people who are actively working in the development of society. The main purpose of forming the organization is to make a valuable contribution in various aspects of HIV/AIDS, Drug Use and Human trafficking prevention in Nepal by utilizing the experience and the expertise of HF's members as well as the infected and/or affected volunteers and to work in the development of the society as it has a motto that “To develop the society is the development of the country as well to develop the country is the development of the world”

HF works on highlighting the need to study risk perception, effectively assist in harm minimization and trains affected individuals to live as an ongoing process of spiritual growth and sobriety

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