Foundation for community involvement (FCI) is a registered Non-governmental organization under NGO Act 24 of2002 (RF 2005) through the ministry of Health, community development, gender, elderly and children. The organization is decided to improve live hood for the communities in the area of health, education, water and sanitation and economic empowerment which aims to improve the live hood.

Having a strong healthy community with sustainable socio-economic development.

Mission Statement:
To awaken the Community Development Goals through Economic Empowerment, Advocacy and Promotion of Development that focuses on Equal participation of a community, Gender equality and Human rights.

To the extent that a strategic plan is a “road map,” our objectives describe the desired “destination” – where we want to be in 2022. Our strategic objectives translate our long-range vision into a more focused, actionable set of outcomes. As shown in the Strategic explanation, our long‐range aspirations are organized into three broad goals:

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