Women and Children's Legal Aid Organisation (WOCHAID) is non-profit, non-partisan, and non-governmental human rights organisation registered in July, 2019 under the Non-Government Organisation Act No 24 of 2002 of the United Republic of Tanzania.
WOCHAID provides a wide range of legal assistance to women and children in safeguarding their legal interests in land rights, probate, matrimonial, and advocacy for the prevention of domestic violence against women and children, gender-based violence, and economic empowerment through entrepreneurship training.
WOCHAID has its headquarters in Kinondoni - Dar es Salaam, although it networks with other Legal Aid services providers and paralegals to insure the vulnerable women and children access Legal Aid services.

WOCHAID mission statement is to ensure no one is deprived of professional advice and help because of a lack of funds.

WOCHAID envisage a society free from any kind of injustice and any form of violence against women and children.

- To promote and facilitate awareness on Gender-Based Violence
- Providing legal aid services, advocacy, capacity building, and legal awareness to vulnerable women and children.
- To conduct training and seminars for women on legal and human rights issues.
- To convene seminars, workshops, and conferences with the view of discussing and exchanging views on findings of the research and studies undertaken or sponsored by the organisation.
- Monitoring, documentation, and publicity of violation against women and children's rights and advocating for the greater protection of the same.
- To be the centre for legal reconciliation and information by cooperating with the government and other non-governmental organisations responsible for legal aid services.
- to create awareness to women on an outdated customs that affect them negatively.
- Imparting practical entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to women in groups or as individuals for the purpose of helping them to utilise the available opportunities that they can create jobs and employ themselves.
- To empower women through different small projects.

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