Alternative to Addiction Creating Centre is a trust established in 2012. Its vision is to prevent drug abuse and alcoholism from society. In order to attain this goal its objective is to overcome this problem and disease simultaneously. This is done by the help of highly qualified and 29+ years of experience holder counsellors in the trust through various awareness programmes.

a) Organising various awareness programmes in different parts and villages of district Hapur
b) Provisions have been made to provide free OPD services and Counseling for addicts and their families
c) Adherence of protocols as per government advisory on COVID-19

a) Prevention of drug abuse and alcoholism from society
b) Providing support services to suffering families
c) Seeking public co-operation in the promotion of its activities through various awareness programmes held in different places
d) Providing counselling to addicts by trained and highly experienced counsellors having more than 30+ years of experience.

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