Webinar on Recovery – Lived Experiences and a Scientific Introduction to Gender-Sensitive Recovery Methods (September 2023)
On September 29th, the International Recovery Day Webinar was held in collaboration with RUN and the WFAD Global Gender Committee. The webinar focused on celebrating recovery, showcasing that it is possible. The webinar was joined by Dr David Best, David Patton, and five incredible women, Tracey, Cecilia, Linda, Dot, and Katharina, from the UK, Sweden, and the Balkans.


Webbinarium on Commercialisation of Cannabis in Germany (June 2023)
Based on Germany’s plans for the legalization of cannabis, WFAD together with 22 organisations from ten European countries signed an open letter sent to Interior Commissioner Ylva Johansson and the European Commission HDG.
To further highlight the effects of a potential legalisation, EURAD, Drug Policy Center (Narkotika Politiskt Center), IOGT-NTO, The Social and Democrats Group of the European Parliament and WFAD organised a webinar on the effects of a Commercialisation of Cannabis in Germany and why such a commercialisation would pose a threat to European Public Health.
International Day of Recovery – Interview with Experts (September 2022)
For Recovery Month and Day, we conducted five interviews with experts in the field of recovery. During these interviews, our experts shared their views on Recovery and their work and efforts in promoting recovery science, activities, and news. Each expert has developed methods to share knowledge and positivity of recovery and you are invited to access their resources and provide input if wanted. We have created a compilation of all interviews but we highly recommend you to watch each full interview as well.
Find the interviews here
Decriminalisation is not the answer – The United Nations offers better options (June 2022)
The webinar focused on what the United Nations has said and not said about national drug policies. While positions taken by the UN are often used as arguments in the national drug debates, quotes are, unfortunately, often taken out of their context. Short reflections from different organisations were given on the decriminalisation debate and UNGASS document in their region as well as what decriminalisation is and an analysis of the UN positions on drug decriminalisation.
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CND Side-Event: Global Risks of Cannabis Commercialisation: Lessons learned from targeted marketing strategies toward women (March 2022)
During the CND side-event, the speakers highlighted marketing strategies targeting women, the old and new alcohol and cannabis industry that is normalising and changing the culture of the use of cannabis. But also, exposing the invisible trends of the market and addressing the need for awareness and gender-centred policies.
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International Women’s Day Webinar Champions of Recovery (March 2022)
The webinar highlighted Champions of Recovery. Women with experience in Recovery shared their inspiring, touching, and personal stories with us. Additionally, a panel of experts showcased the need for [gender-sensitive] prevention, treatment, reintegration, and recovery and provided insights into best practices.
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Prevention Webinar Series: Marijuana Prevention (November 2021)
In the last webinar of the series, our keynote speaker, Kevin Sabet, and panellists highlighed the necessity of marijuana prevention to avoid further substance use dependendcy. Evidence-based prevention interventions is necessary as well as the advocacy for it. Without consolidated action against it, the big marijuana market will continue to persuade youth to use.
Global Advocacy Training: Navigating a Changing Marijuana Policy Landscape (October 2021)
This training was a collaboration between Drug Free America and WFAD. Here, Amy Ronshausen introduced the audience to advocacy and its strengths and necessity. Then, two panel discussions were held. The first focused on effective advocacy strategies and best practices. The second panel showcased advocacy in action
Prevention Webinar Series: Gender-Based Violence Prevention Approaches (October 2021)
Anna Nabulya provided an overview on the definitions, statistics, roots of gender-based violence, while also highlighting the stigma and challenges victims face. A strong panel discussions with passionate panellists showcased challenges as well as opportunities to work towards a reduction of GBV.
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Prevention Webinar Series: Practitioners of Prevention (October 2021)

Diana Joseph (Fourth Wave Foundation) highligthed the need to address a systematic change to keep children safe, such as including various stakeholders leading to community ownership. A panel discussion with other organisations followed, showcasing their best-practices and observations.

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Prevention Webinar Series: Research and Policy of Prevention (September 2021)

Giovanna Campello (UNODC) shared successes of prevention sciences translated into policy since this is not often reflected upon, while also highlighting challenges and possibilities to move forward. A panel discussion followed sharing their observations of challenges and opportunities.

Get access to the summary of the webinar here

Prevention Webinar Series: Foundation of Prevention through Prevention Science (September 2021)

Dr Zili Sloboda (Applied Prevention Science International) laid the foundation of prevention as well as for the other webinars. The panel discussion dived into practical experiences, challenges in the field, and answered questions from the audience.

Find more information on and get access to the summary of the webinar here

Webinar: Strength-Based Approaches to Overcoming Stigma around Addiction and Recovery (organised by RUN, July 2021)

The webinar delved into the topic of stigma around addiction and recovery and the effect stigma has on those wanting to recover and those in recovery. 

Find more information on and the summary of the webinar here

Webinar: Way Forward – Developing Gender-Sensitive Addiction Programmes (June 2021)

After the launch of the Infographic on the Way Forward, this follow-up webinar discussed the necessity of developing gender-sensitive addiction treatment.

Find more information, the summary, and the Spanish recordings here

2021 CND Side Event: The Way Forward: Developing Gender-Sensitive Treatment Programmes to Eradicate Barriers for Women

On Thursday, April 15, this side event presented the ‘Way Forward’ document, while also focussing on trauma-informed treatment and practical examples from Iran, responding to the fact that women who use drugs face barriers limiting access to treatment and recovery options and are underrepresented in treatment and research. Get access to the summary here

2021 CND Side Event: Reframing Global Prevention Practices & Policies During COVID-19

On Wednesday, April 14, this side event highlighted the relation between COVID and the worrying increase of alcohol consumption and the responses from the community regarding prevention.

Find links and resources from the event here

2021 CND Side Event: “My Life in Recovery” – Experiences on Data and Recovery Journeys of Women Across Europe

On Tuesday, April 13, “My Life in Recovery” provided a valuable insight into research and experiences of women in recovery, emphasising the importance of a gender perspective in future research and services for addiction recovery.

Find the summary of the event here

2021 CND Side Event: Learning from the Crisis: Recovery Work during the COVID Pandemic

On Monday, April 12, this side event showcased the challenges of the crisis, the adaptation by NGOs, and what has been learned to bring into the future.

Find the Summary here

Webinar: Asian Best-Practices in Treatment and Recovery Interventions (March 2021)

This 2-hour webinar has given a great insight into the region. Topics, such as the geographic developments, efforts of the various organisations, and their reflections, have been addressed

Find more information on the webinar and get access to the summary here

Webinar on Positive Learning Outcomes with Recovery Interventions in Times of COVID-19 (January 2021)

The webinar highlighted positive outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic by the recovery community and their learning outcomes. Find more information on the webinar and get access to the summary here

Summit on Reframing Global Prevention Practices and Policies during COVID-19 (January 2021)

Summit organised by Drug Free America, Carlton Hall Consulting, and WFAD.

Find more information on the speakers and the shared links here

Webinar on Orange Day (November 2020)

25th of November marked Orange Day where we highlighted the urgency to eliminate violence against
Drugs. In the light of this important day, WFAD its gender working group organised a webinar for its
members with four incredible speakers to focus on the issue.

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Webinar on Recovery (September 2020)

This webinar highlighted the Recovery month. Our two speakers, Robert DuPont and Huseyin Djemil, emphasised the importance of focusing on ‘Recovery’ within the discussion around addiction and treatment.

Read more about the webinar and get access to the summary here

Webinar on Recovery Cities (April 2020)

On Wednesday, April 14, this side event highlighted the relation between COVID and the worrying increase of alcohol consumption and the responses from the community regarding prevention.

While the initiation of recovery is mostly triggered by the individual, psychological change and social triggers, sustaining recovery are more strongly predicted by opportunities provided by the community. It is therefore important to build local communities to support social cohesion.

Speakers: David Best, Alexander Zugic, and Boro Goic. Find the presentations and further information here