Mulka Nisic

Celebrate Recovery, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Mulka Nisic

Mulka Nisic is the Regional Project Coordinator at NGO Celebrate Recovery. She holds a degree in Political Sciences from University of Sarajevo, specializing in Social Work and in Criminology, and she has undergone a number of trainings in the field of Psychology, Recovery from addiction and Drug policy.

In her early career, she has worked in Private and Public Sector, as well as in international organisations on the research related projects at the UNDP Office Sarajevo.

Ms Nisic has been actively involved in recovery and drug policy field since 2015 when she started working at a grassroots recovery organisation in her home country Bosnia and Herzegovina and as well as in an European network for prevention, treatment and recovery – EURAD. She has represented the Western Europe region serving on the Civil Society Task Force on Drugs for the Ministerial Segment of the 62nd Commission on Narcotic Drugs in March 2019. The Task Force serves as the official liaison between the United Nations and civil society.

She carries different national and regional projects which aim to explore and improve the situation of people in recovery and those who are still struggling with addiction and facing multiple disadvantage experiences, a combination of problems including substance use disorders, contact with the criminal justice system and problems with mental health. Mulka co-authored a number of papers based on the Life in recovery research and her research and work revolves around recovery pathways, stigma attached to addiction, building communities, recovery cities and recovery capital.

Her professional work also greatly relies on her personal experience as a family member of individuals with both severe alcohol and drug addiction and recovery.

“Proslavi Oporavak”/Celebrate Recovery

“Proslavi Oporavak”/Celebrate Recovery is a nongovernmental organization established back in 2008. Its purpose is to provide help and services to individuals and families in the area of social reintegration, motivation for treatment, implementation of primary prevention programs targeting youth and advocacy work to influence drug policies on national, UN and EU levels. In their work they promote prevention, treatment and full recovery from addiction, and they aim to develop cooperation between different institutions (hospitals, social care systems, employment bureaus, schools, etc), therapeutic communities, families, addicts and other non-governmental organizations. Their goal is to become a liaison between these institutions at the national level, and develop a network of organizations and institutions at an international level as well.

Celebrate Recovery is actively involved in drug policy work, and has contributed to the creation of public policies and National drug Strategy that lead to more effective programs in the fight against drug abuse. They are active on global drug policy levels within the major umbrella organizations and networks such as World Federation Against Drugs, EURAD, Vienna NGO Committee, IOGT, ECETT, European Commission as members of Civil Society Forum on Drugs and they actively participate in all major world addiction conferences. The President is chair of Recover Users Network, which brings together all NGOs and individuals from around the world who advocate for prevention and full recovery from addiction. Celebrate Recovery has been actively involved in the process leading up to the UNGASS 2016 (United nation General assembly special Session), as a member of Civil Society Task Force, and have continued their work towards the High Level Ministerial Meeting 2019.