Shane Varcoe

Deputy Board Member representing Oceania
Shane Varcoe

Shane Varcoe is currently the Executive Director for the Dalgarno Institute (Coalition Of Alcohol & Drug Educators) a long standing Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD), community based, not-for-profit, public interest coalition. As an AOD demand reduction/primary prevention advocate and specialist Affective domain educator, he is the architect of the ‘No Brainer’ alcohol and other drug education project, including the six DVD ‘I Wish I Never…’ secondary school curriculum. Initiated and oversaw development of BOUNCE BACK parent workshops, ‘B.O.W.I’ (Better Off Without it) sporting club AOD education program, ‘The Fence Builder’ and ‘Isabella’s List’ community action. Shane also created Greater Risk the 21 Be There Campaign around alcohol and young people, and now has Dalgarno Institute as the lead agency in a nationwide consortium looking at the youth alcohol misuse issue.

He has authored a number of papers along with paper The Most Effective Drug Pusher Ever – Permission. A précised edition published in The Journal of Global Drug Policy & Practice. Latest contributions to the sector literature include, Social Determinants and Substance Use, and Stigma, Drug Use – and the Proactive Contagions to Reduce Both.

Shane and Dalgarno Institute are members of W.F.A.D since 2010.

We are also members of;

  • Movendi
  • International Society of Substance Use Professionals
  • Executive Member of Drug Advisory Council of Australia
  • National Alliance for Action on Alcohol (Australia)

Shane has been a youth and childcare worker for State Government Department of. Human Services, being deployed in short and medium-term accommodation, as well as working with the states most difficult children in the juvenile detention Centre.

Shane is not only an educator, but mentor and advocate, and along with Dip.Min and A.C.R.A.C.S. qualifications, has over 37 years of youth/community work, education and facilitation experience.