Stacey Doorly-Jones

STAND, South Africa
Stacey Doorly-Jones

Stacey Doorly-Jones is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of STAND.  Stacey spent 20 years in the corporate world of Change Management, Strategic Projects and Organisational design, which included consulting to large scale corporations both in her own country and Internationally. Stacey pioneered the significantly impactful Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Programmes for High Risk Youth in disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape South Africa and then expanding them to treat and support substance abusers, Caregivers and survivors  of sexual abuse in the most impoverished communities in the Western Cape.  Stacey also currently serves on the Board of the Western Cape Street Children’s Forum since 2015 and is the founder and co-developer of the STAND Community Based Treatment Model – a best practice, evidence based model of substance abuse treatment for rural communities in South Africa.

STAND directly provides treatment, support and development programs to individuals and significant others gripped in the cycle of addiction and gender-based violence in the most impoverished and disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape, South Africa.  STAND also plays a strong advocacy role in the destigmatization of Substance Use Disorders and Street Based Dwelling, in addition to advocating for National Policy Change in this regard.

Represented by: Stacey Doorly-Jones, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Contact details: Mobile +27 82 554 8831